Here's what our customers have to say...

Skeptical about being so far away from something I can't feel or touch, but John's videos showed it all and they don't lie. I got my truck shipped and I couldn't be happier. Not a new truck, but he stated that. I am very pleased. thanks

- Bob

Cheyenne Wy

I am picky, and so is John. I flew into Syracuse aiport, John picked me up. We had great conversation and I learned about cummins trucks and I drove home a patriot blue 6 speed. I haul my horses and I love it!

- Carl

Omaha NE

Came home from Japan after being deployed in the marine core. John supports his country and that made me want to come see him. After reviewing his clean trucks, I bought a super nice 6 speed. He explained everything about cummins trucks to me, this is my first diesel. Thank you, god bless

- cody

charlotte nc

Junk around here, Junk on the internet. Drove to NY. Got a nice piece. Thanks J

- Colton B

Lansing MI

John Tells it straight, and that's what I like, he didn't try to sell me. He said, here it is, and this is what we do. No bs. I got a nice rig and my friends have also boughten from him, we are all happy. thanks JDM

- Cory

Richmond Va

I have never in my life seen a dealer do what John does to his trucks. I have been in the auto industry 32 years. My son bought a beautiful gem of a dodge from him. I don't know how he makes any money. He takes every truck apart inside, outside, mechanically, this man is passionate about what he does. I am greatful I found him on google.

- Craig

Columbus OH

Proud farmer and proud owner of many dodge cummins. Glad I bought another gem to match the rest of my fleet. thanks John the diesel man

- Dale

Lexington Ky

After years of watching John the diesel man's videos, I finally saw a truck he had for sale. Sabrina. 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 6 speed truck. John made an appointment with me and I spend the whole day with him. The truck has miles but it spotless, everything from the interior to the exterior was damn near perfect. I applaud John, there is no dealer that does what he has done. Thanks John. Thanks Johns staff.

- Dan

Oil City , Pa

searched and searched for a cummins trucks, flew and drove all over the us. No one had a great truck until I found john and his trucks were 10 better than anyone elses. He speaks the gospel about his trucks. I even got to name the next truck he was getting ready. thanksJ

- Darren

Toledo OH

Bought an 01' white xcab 5 speed from John the diesel man at nydiesels. Truck is perfect. Too many bad apples out there to not go to see John. He is a legend of these trucks. Thanks for everything.

- Dave T.

woodbridge VA