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One word to describe John The Diesel Man would be a "Legend" The history of Diesel Trucks going popular in the USA started with him. He brought the whole entire country together with his trucks, his advertising and marketing, his travelling, his videos, his passion and enthusiasm. Most people don't know that, but if you were around in 1998 you would know. You would know these 2nd Gen cummins Diesel Dodge Pick up trucks were trucks NOBODY wanted. John the Diesel Man Changed all of that. You see, He started liking Cummins Diesel Trucks at an early age and began working on them. He is way ahead of his time, in the meaning that he is an innovator. He is one of the first successful people on the internet with selling vehicles. He created www.nydiesels.com a long long time ago, before 2nd Gen Cummins Diesel trucks were ever wanted by anyone but farmers in the western part of the USA and people who were using them to haul. He made them famous by his videos, his words, his passion, his drive and his ability to market his trucks to everyone in the USA with over 35 million ads over the last 15 years. Within 1 year around the year 2000 every new and used vehicle franchise in the entire USA knew who John the Diesel Man was. He was the Diesel Man, the only guy in the Country who wanted the 2nd Gen Cummins Diesel Trucks. The dealers practically would give the trucks away, no one wanted them. There was no popularity in diesel, there was no want for diesel. John changed al of that. East of the Mississippi only a small small amount of people had diesels. There was no diesel performance and enthusiasm, that all came after John. He started all of this diesel culture, and not many know that. All these new car dealers couldn't figure out why John Wanted all these 2nd Gen Cummins diesel trucks. He knew, and he was about to change the world, on how it viewed and felt about diesel. With thousands of 2nd Gen Cummins diesel trucks sold, JDM has proven his excellence, his passion, his success in diesel, and his resume. The story is much much bigger than what is written here, one day the full documentary and book will be released, and wow is it interesting.
John is the only guy who was able to buy these trucks new, and sell them, buy them used and in excellent condition and sell them, and restore them from vintage years back to new again, it has come full circle with him. He has worked 18 hours a day since 1999 and has never taken a day off, not a Christmas, not a Thanksgiving, 7 days a week, and that is why his company name is Fast Lane Diesel, he never wants to slow down.

John is a man who loves to work, loves to meet people from all walks of life, loves putting his trucks together at the highest level. He is a detail guy, never satisfied, always trying to make his product, his website, his trucks better. John is the American Dream. He grew up poor in the State of NY. He started selling pencils and candy in school in 2nd grade. He is a self made, businessman. He has more miles under his belt than most professional truckers. He has done business in every single state, and many countries around the world. He knows the United States of America better than 99% of most people. He is passionate about people. He has friends in every state. His customers become his friends. John doesn't do this for the money, he does it for the challenge, the passion, to help others get a sweet truck. That is his only mission. There is no other reason to do what he does. Most people want to make money, no. Not John, if he wanted to make money he would flip used cars. He hates that. He is driven by passion, seeing great things come together, things people can watch and enjoy. He loves excitement, he loves to entertain, he loves to see excitement and joy in others, That's John, and this is Nydiesels.com

John started selling trucks when he was 16 years old. He started working on and selling 1998 Dodge Cummins trucks, as soon as they came out. He worked for another truck dealer, and he also sold his own trucks. By the age of 17 he was running the sales and buying for the dealer he worked for. He expanded into motorcycles, which he has a deep passion for.
After years of stunt riding and building bikes, and selling bikes all over the world. He decided to focus on his Cummins Diesel Dealership. Today John's Company focuses on selling the absolute cleanest, long-lasting, quality 2nd Gen Cummin trucks in the USA. The product he sells is not like anything you have ever seen before. It's what he does to each truck that is so unique. He takes the worries and problems out of every truck.
John also has a passion for music. He writes, produces and plays. He also collects guitars. He still has a need for speed as well. The name of the company "Fast Lane" comes from John never driving in the driving lane on the highway. Whether he is in his viper, bike or a jet, he has always been in the fast lane not wasting anytime.
He personally thanks you for coming by his website, and hopes you enjoyed your visit. Any comments or suggestions are welcome: John@nydiesels.com.
If anyone has anything they would like to sell, John buys all kinds of stuff. Real Estate, Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, dodge parts trucks, guitars, collectible, muscle cars, and anything else, just send an email. Thanks!




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